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 Now Available! is proud to introduce a new product designed by a dancer for dancers.  

The Fancyfoot Arch Enhancer (U.S patented) puts the rest of us on equal footing with those with "the ultimate banana foot," and gives the serious dancer the foot that they have always dreamt of having. 

Without Arch Enhancer:

With Arch Enhancer:


The Fancyfoot Arch Enhancer is a specially designed padded sleeve that easily slides onto the foot and adds height to the top of the foot.  Soft, comfortable, and pliable neoprene is carefully tailored and built into the stretchable and breathable spandex of the Arch Enhancer to mimic the natural arch of the upper foot and gives the illusion of the perfect point (for those of us who were not born with perfect feet!)

The Arch Enhancer:

A note from the designer of the Arch Enhancer:  I designed this product for my 15 year-old daughter, who is a beautiful dancer, but "inherited her fatherís feet."  The first time my daughter wore the arch enhancer was at a prestigious academyís scholarship audition, and she was honored with a valued scholarship.  She was thrilled, and I hope you will have the same wonderful results. 

Updated December  24, 2016


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